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febrero 20, 2019

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Ayming Institute’s first publication dedicated to absenteeism

We’re talking about a social and economic scourge. Every year absenteeism increases; currently in France absenteeism is more than 17 days a year, three and a half weeks!

It is urgent to understand the reality of absenteeism because the situation is critical.

Over the last 20 years, working life has changed enormously: the explosion of the tertiary sector, new technologies, the interpenetration of our personal and working lives, short-term contracts, etc. make absenteeism an important issue.

Companies have not been able to anticipate this situation and adapt to rethink labor relations, which increases the annoyance of workers.

That absenteeism is a visible and worrying issue is just the beginning. If the alert is yellow today, it will become red tomorrow.

In this book, Fabien Piazzon urges employers to react and highlight one goal: to hire and retain their teams, because absenteeism is avoidable.

It is the task of employers to make human capital a strategic advantage and not to lose sight of the fact that commitment is the indicator of quality of life at work and the basis of company performance.

The author:

Fabien Piazzon has been supporting companies and public employers in the prevention of occupational risks and absenteeism for fifteen years.

As a teacher, consultant, and creator of many HR innovations, he helps managers, HR managers, and HR directors to change their views and practices to rethink their day-to-day work.

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