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Ayming Prepares the International Barometer on Innovation Management and its Financing

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noviembre 26, 2017


The study will cover analysis in Spain, Italy, and Portugal. The results will be released in early 2018.

Ayming, an international consulting group on improving business performance, has begun the development of what will be its international Barometer on innovation management and financing.

The Barometer will contemplate the analysis of innovative companies in Spain, Italy, and Portugal. It will be elaborated with the data provided by companies from practically all sectors of activity, by means of an online survey of closed-ended questions. The profile of the respondent are R&D Directors, Technical and Financial Directors, Production Directors, and all figures in the field of innovation.

You can participate in the survey completely anonymously, until December 15, 2017.

The objective of this edition of the International Barometer on the management of financing and its financing is twofold: on one hand, to evaluate the existence and structure of organizational models for managing innovation in companies, and on the other, to determine the use and effectiveness of public aid for innovation.

The study also addresses issues such as the importance of new technological trends (such as Big Data, Open Innovation, Automation, Digitization, Internet of Things, Circular Economy, e-health, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, Waste 0, Industry 4.0, learning machines, new materials, etc.) in the innovative strategy of companies, assessing the degree of integration of them in business and the ability of companies to improve their organization.

Other aspects that will also be analyzed in the International Barometer on the management of innovation and its financing are:

1. The three most important elements and challenges declared by companies to innovate effectively.

2. The importance of the various resources available for financing innovation projects (from tax deductions to R&D&I, subsidies and reimbursements, bank loans, capital investment, company financial resources, stock exchange, share capital, and public procurement).

3. The degree of definition in companies of both the strategy and the innovation processes.

4. Whether or not there is a formalized approach to monitor and evaluate the performance of innovative projects, etc..

Laura Delgado, Managing Director-South Europe, LATAM & China-Innovation Consulting at Ayming, has stated in relation to the scope of the international Barometer on innovation management and financing that: “Having a complete view of the tools that companies use to finance their R&D, as well as being able to measure their impact in terms of growth and innovation, is vital to our work as Consultants. Moreover, not all companies have sufficient professional advice to manage incentives for innovation, and our experience over the years tells us that there is a clear link between the types of funding chosen for R&D projects and the results obtained.

As for the integration of new technological trends in the business of innovative companies,” continued Laura Delgado, “this is an essential process to be more competitive. How and which is the most effective way to finance this innovation is a complex decision that requires specialized business consultants.

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