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Ayming, Strategic Partner of Synertrade in Spain and Italy

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Ayming, Strategic Partner of Synertrade in Spain and Italy
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octubre 10, 2016


Ayming, an international consulting group specialized in Business Performance, has signed an agreement as a strategic partner for Spain and Italy with Synertrade, a global provider of Digital Purchasing Solutions.


The role of Purchasing Departments within the company is becoming more and more strategic. Globalization, the crisis, and the digitalization of business have transformed the position of this department from a center for selection and negotiation with suppliers, to contribute to the growth of the company by optimizing and improving costs, becoming a key area for Financial Management and General Management.


In this sense, the costs of purchases and supplies of a company can represent up to 70% of its turnover, so it is essential to optimize them. The Purchasing & Cost Performance business area of Ayming is characterized by its ability to design optimization strategies and implement them at the operational level, achieving measurable savings with a direct impact on the results of the companies.


Ayming, aware of the new function acquired by the Purchasing Departments, has seen in Synertrade the strategic partner most in line with the digitization of business purchasing processes, which simplifies its work and covers all areas of the Purchasing Departments. Synertrade’s integrated and adapted information system will allow Ayming Consultants to use it in their projects, thus achieving a more agile management of their Optimization and Purchasing improvement work.


“Most of the companies that we publicly recognize as successful have a common denominator: the optimization and improvement of their Purchasing Departments”, commented Giovanni Grillo-, Director of Ayming for the Southern Europe Region. “This is why it is important for companies to develop a supplier development strategy that guarantees continuous improvement of skills and sustainability. Ayming’s experience in helping to improve Purchasing processes together with Synertrade’s digital purchasing solutions is an efficient response to the needs of today’s Purchasing Departments of any sector”.


 Cost reduction is a priority for Purchasing Managers

Organizations need to have under control their spending on purchases, achieving cost savings. Some of the challenges for Purchasing Managers are how to ensure that planned deliveries mean savings for the company; how to collaborate with suppliers to reduce delivery costs; how to ensure compliance with regulatory policies, and so on.


With the automation of purchasing processes, Synertrade stimulates the performance of the Purchasing area. Its solutions cover all areas of action of the Purchasing Departments in order to achieve their objectives: from the identification and strategic choice of suppliers that do not imply any risk for the organization (economic, for its image, etc.), to the complete contract cycle; the design of catalogues to invoicing management, simplifying and automating the purchasing process; the incorporation of suppliers into the system and collaboration with them; data management to decision making, etc. All this brings substantial improvements that simplify the purchasing process and reduce financial risks.


Some of the main benefits achieved are budgetary improvement and cost control, the consultation of complete and updated supplier information, the establishment of a collaborative relationship with them, the monitoring of strategic key performance indicators (KPIs), a global vision of expenditure information and purchasing activity, etc.


Ayming’s Purchasing & Cost Optimization Consultants will apply Synertrade’s solutions in their projects, thus streamlining their Purchasing Optimization and Improvement work.

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