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The CDTI Improves Non-Reimbursable Installments for R&D Projects

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The CDTI Improves Non-Reimbursable Installments for R&D Projects
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febrero 27, 2017

The CDTI will grant a non-reimbursable tranche (TNR) of 30% credit to projects co-financed with ERDF funds.

The Center for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI), an agency of the Ministry of Economy, Industry, and Competitiveness, has approved an increase in the Non-Reimbursable Tranches (NRT) applied to R&D projects. The projects approved by this organization are financed through a Partially Reimbursable Aid whose coverage can reach up to 75% of the total budget of each project. Exceptionally, and depending on the availability of funds, this coverage could reach 85% of the budget. With this new measure adopted by the Board of Directors, the TNR can reach up to 30% of the credit for all projects co-financed with ERDF funds. In the case of projects without ERDF co-financing, the TNR will be 30% for SMEs and 20% for large companies. These conditions will apply to projects approved from February onwards.

Disclaimer of warranties

The Board of Directors of the CDTI has decided to maintain the reduction of guarantees for excellent R&D projects carried out by SMEs. The aim of this measure is to promote those projects developed by small and medium-sized Spanish companies that are expected to have a great potential impact on the market.

240 million euros for Strategic R&D Projects 

This year the CDTI will commit 240 million euros to finance Strategic R&D Projects whose objective is to carry out large research and business development projects of an applied nature for the creation and significant improvement of a production process, product or service in technological areas relevant to its business projection. The minimum financing budget will be 1,000,000 euros for SMEs and 3,000,000 euros for large companies, and the duration will be from 3 to 6 years. The approved projects will be financed through a Partially Reimbursable Aid with a coverage of up to 85% of the total approved budget and a TNR of 7.5% for SMEs and 5% for large companies, calculated on a contribution of 75%. Funding will come from ERDF funds (ERDF Operational Programme for R&D&I by and for the benefit of Enterprises-Technology Fund 2007-2013) in the framework of the Financial Instrument “ICO Innovation Technology Fund”.


The aid is intended for projects in Andalusia, Asturias, Castile-La Mancha, Castile-Leon, Extremadura, Galicia, and Murcia.

Submission of applications

The deadline for submission of applications is 14 March 2017 at 12:00 pm, mainland time. The submission of the application must be made through the CDTI’s electronic headquarters.

74 new projects approved

On the other hand, the CDTI has also approved 74 new R&D&I projects at its February Council with a total budget of 59.15 million euros. The contribution of this Centre amounts to 42.50 million euros. 75 companies participate in the development of these projects, of which 70.7% are SMEs and, of these, 45.3% belong to medium and high technology sectors. Of the total number of companies involved, 27-36%, receive, CDTI financing for the first time. The CDTI estimates that the approved initiatives will employ 221 workers directly and 517 professionals indirectly. In total, 738 employees in the economy as a whole.

Projects co-financed with ERDF funds 

In this Council, the CDTI has approved 33 R&D operations co-financed with funds from the new round of ERDF 2014-2020 – Multi-Regional Operational Programme for Intelligent Growth -, whose public contribution (CDTI+FEDER) amounts to 13.69 million euros.

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