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Project to Optimize Energy Costs and Purchase Risk Management

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Total savings generated: 6% on negotiation and up to 27% on contracting


Gas cost optimization project and purchase risk management.


  • 12 months


  • Definition of internal needs and objectives in the gas category for 2018.
  • Elaboration and Validation with the client of the Purchase Strategy for July 2018 in October 2017 (more than 8 months in advance).
  • Market monitoring assessing Brent uncertainty and exchange rate stability.
  • Gas negotiation process in week 47 of 2017.

Why this strategy?

We decided that the best thing in this case was to apply a conservative strategy as a response to the uncertainty generated in the market after the Vienna OPEC Convention of October 20, 2017. Here the current supply reduction and containment agreements are strengthened.

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  • Definition and implementation of a methodology to sustain the effects of this specific Purchasing effort.
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