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Day of Round Tables on Transport, Distribution, and Logistics

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mayo 7, 2019

In collaboration with the Danish Chamber of Commerce, ICEX, Madrid Network, and Allmedo we held this conference to inform, debate, and inspire on the current situation with Spain. A country that unites us, as a central axis, with views towards Denmark and other countries dealing with the future of these sectors in a global world.

The map of global transport, logistics, and distribution is developing in giant leaps and bounds. It is a sector that intervenes in all other businesses, adaptations, and challenges in these areas with new actors or ways of acting which is changing companies and their strategies.

What measures do we have: the “new customs”, the tools that can be used to improve environmental issues or the performance of both human and physical/mechanical resources, and most importantly, being aware. This day is an activity of the Committee “Sea, Land, and Air” dealing with issues such as the current situation of the world map of goods, if ports are the axis of distribution, environmental issues, dangerous goods, and new technologies. It also focuses on how the drones help us, if taxation prevents us from growing, and many more aspects provided by expert participants in the two round tables led by expert moderators.

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Look here at the program below:

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