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SAM 19 | The first Sustainable Air Mobility Event in Spain

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mayo 22, 2019

Sustainable Air Mobility: SAM

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Society demands a sustainable transport system that is valid not only for the city, but also for fast, non-polluting, interurban journeys: A different kind of mobility.

The SAM 19 conferences are a space to share experiences related to sustainable mobility, in all areas in which it can be developed such as airspace. An event where there are also experiences of terrestrial mobility reached by green routes, active tourism in rural areas, the rise of bicycle lanes, and personal mobility vehicles in urban areas. It talks about sustainable and accessible mobility including the third dimension: airspace.

The content of the conferences revolves around 5 themes:

  •  Sustainable and accessible mobility infrastructure, such as cycle lanes and green roads
  •  Superstructures for sustainable and accessible mobility, such as antennas, 5G or photovoltaic stations, airways, telephone operators, Satellite, GNSS, GPS, 5G, UTM, ATM, etc.
  •  Rolling Stock: terrestrial or aerial equipment to move through infrastructures
  •  Aeroviary enclaves: aerial stations, droneports, spillways, energy exchangers, etc.
  •  Applications: logistics and e-Delivery, health sector, maintenance, environmental quality, safety, and traffic.

Download the SAM19 program         Download the Participant’s Guide


MORNING SESSION (simultaneous with exhibition)

09:00 09:15 Reception and accreditation of attendees

09:15 09:30 Opening Ceremony and presentation of participants

09:30 10:15 Lecture: Urban Air Mobility: current reality and future opportunities – Antonio Mota Sandoval (Zángano)

10:15 11:00 Lecture: Aircraft eVTOL: state of the art and advances – Guillermo Villabrille Prades (Gyrobike)

11:00 11:30 Roundtable: Sustainable Air Mobility – Israel Quintanilla (UPV), , Elisabeth Heilmeyer (Flying Chairs) Guillermo Villabrille Prades (Gyrobike) Antonio Mota Sandoval (Zángano) Moderator: Antonio Sousa Lamas (AEPESI)

11:30 12:00 ——— Coffee break ———

12:00 12:45 Presentation – Superstructures SAM: Vertipuertos, electrolineras e interchangers sostenibles – Pablo Morera (Gesdron)

12:45 13:30 Lecture: The role of 5G telecommunications in air mobility -Gabriel Pérez Berenguer (Rohde & Schwarz)

13:30 14:15 Round table: Rural and interurban air mobility. Greenways and adventure tourism as sustainable business infrastructures. Business opportunities for Intelligent Tourist Destinations (DIT) – Arantxa Hernández Colorado (FFE-Spanish Greenways) Mercedes Muñoz (EGWA-European Greenways), Iván López (PREDIF) Moderator: Maribel Santos Pérez (CITOPIC)

2:15  3:30 ———LUNCH (NETWORKING) —————

AFTERNOON SESSION (simultaneous with exhibition)


15:30 16:15 Round table – Innovation in the Start Up SAM: Incubation, financing and Legal, Commercial and IP Protection Management – Alfredo Colombano (Ayming) José E Delgado Larena-Avellaneda (EJASO). Hugo Calderón Luchini (ALTRAN) Moderator: Renata Kubus (Innovation Ecosystems – UCM-UNEDAEAC)

16:15 17:00 Lecture: Research and development in ALTRAN on aerotaxis. Serafín Escudero Fraile (ALTRAN)


17:00 18:00 Presentation of the Start Up to investors and Networking meetings in the VIP room

Get your ticket for SAM 19: Sustainable Air Mobility

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