Innovation 03 agosto 2017


Join our Innovation Performance consultancy team. Opportunities available for graduates (junior consultants) through to senior consultants.

The Opportunity

Location: Madrid site, Spain

The role: We are always on the lookout for the brightest and best to join our Innovation Performance consultancy team, with roles at all experience levels.

If you have an excellent academic record, ideally with a top degree in a subject such as Computer Science, Telecommunications or Engineering, then we want to speak to you!  

For experienced hires, we are always interested in meeting consultants with deep experience in the management of R&D projects, strong knowledge in the different ways of R&D funding opportunities and an excellent network with stakeholders involve in the Innovation world.

What we offer:

In addition to a competitive salary package, we are also proud to offer a genuine opportunity to progress your career.  

You can be the main actor of your development and focus your career path as an expert, a salesperson or a team manager, fulfilling both your concerns and company needs to achieve our vision.

What to expect: 

Here at Ayming we value drive, determination and a desire to learn. 

We offer a position of business partner of our clients which combines the best of both worlds - the credentials of a top tier consulting firm and the entrepreneurial spirit and culture of a boutique specialist.

You will be part of an international team with people with different backgrounds that could help you to develop a plenty of new knowledge and skills. 

We are always learning and creating new solutions for our clients, we are curious and ambitious and we expect people with that energy.

How to Apply

Send us your CV and cover letter ( )if it sounds appealing to you.

If your application is successful we will generally start with a telephone or Skype interview. 

The complete process will include two rounds of face-to-face interviews with Leading Managers and Partners and business case studies to assess your approach to problem solving.